We value the contribution of our employees, customers, regulators, medical professionals and industry, resulting in the success of the company.
We value high standards of integrity, trust, and equitability.

We always strive to deliver highest quality products to our customers in conformity with the benchmark standards of the industry.

We always aspire to be different and to create a unique identity ahead of the other companies in the market segment in terms of product, quality, commitment, reliability and pricing.

We care for the wellbeing and speedy recovery of the individuals that are suffering from various different illnesses by providing quality drugs.

14 + Years in Work


To become the most sought-after pharmaceutical products supplier in the Sri Lankan market by being the institution which provides the largest range of quality products.


To become the market leader of the pharmaceutical industry segment by providing quality drugs and ensuring superior performance levels beyond the expectations of the customers and be distinctive among other market players in terms of unmatched service excellence and ethical behavior.

Company Overview

Avenierr Pharma (Pvt) Ltd is a leading company based in Sri Lanka, established in 2007 with a vision to deliver quality healthcare worldwide. Despite its entry to the pharmaceutical industry as a novice, Avenierr has been successful in building trusted global partnerships with top-tier pharmaceutical companies located in France, Italy and India and excels in importing, branding, marketing, and distributing a range of pharmaceutical products such as medicines, orthopaedic appliances, and surgical instruments.

Under the visionary leadership of Managing Director, Mr. C. Sathananthan and the untiring commitment of the staff members, we aim on expanding accessibility to quality drugs at an affordable price as a measure to create a positive impact in the Sri Lankan pharmaceutical industry that enriches the health and wellbeing of citizens. We are of the view that this is a pivotal element which ensures the existence of our company as a credible institution and acts as the driving factor of our company’s growth amidst the rising market competition.

The entry into the pharmaceutical industry was a bold and wise decision taken by our Director. This initial step was inspired by the sentiment of providing relief to those individuals that suffer from various illnesses and also by having foreseen the market opportunities created in the sector of incorporation. Avenierr Pharma (Pvt) Ltd focuses on delivering quality healthcare related products to the Sri Lankan market through its very own offices and dealers networking island wide.

The company is well abided by the general statutory requirements of the regulatory bodies in the country and the Ministry of Health in particular, enabling us to introduce our company as an ethical and principal driven organisation.

Having commenced operations with a limited staff and minimum overheads, the company has significantly widened the business operations in terms of products, turnover volume, and profitability, enabling the company to increase the staff, handle numerous product lines, expand dealer networks, and better serve the customers.

At first, the company functioned as a marketer of healthcare and pharmaceutical products such as slender line; and today, we have expanded our operations to improving and distributing many reputed brands in the pharmaceutical industry.